Like many times before I nod off again
In seconds I come to, unsure of where I am

Intentional overdose

Never thought, I could be this close to dying
Big H, leaking through my pores

The roller coaster of my life had no track
My pool was all tidal waves and deep end
I couldn’t depend on myself
To feed myself needed a shot to jumpstart my heart
And just be myself
A circle I could never break
And matter of fact
That roller coaster did have a track
But it was all flat
Surprise motherfucker!
You are the only one that matters
You are the only one I need
You are the only one that knows me
You are the only one I trust
You are the only one I lean on
The only one that's ever been enough

Big H thank you, for your invention
I'll be sure not to leave your side
We'll become very fast acquainted
My naive child, there's no use trying to hide
You are the only one I ever loved
You're the only one I trust!

Intentional overdose
Big H, take me down

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