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in Mut


In a cask where I am constant
Hidden article of hurt
Like a hapless plane descending
Like a flower without dirt

What will I be
If you return me
If the parched heart
Stutters to motion
Will your new tongue
Clap in my head like a bell
A clamour of secrets
Under gauze and under the rapids
Under covers sick with attention
Slowly sinking far
From the setting sun
And for no one

Changeling -- I am caught in a blur
In only your view
My bleakest transition
Powerful sleep
What a powerful sleep
This must be

Come to me oh come to me
I feel you only
As something remembered
Distant and ended and
Pulled in my path through a fog

What would I be
If you return to me
Freed of pigment
Free of sensation
Will you leave me
Dreams of the cold cocoon
Under skin and under construction
Will I work with my hands
With a wonder
Never certain
That you have left at all

But what does it matter
If I am distorted here
I have you to compose me
I have you to replace my fear

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