Verse 1
This is the last one
When you hold your hands up and say, he was won
Not just a song on the end been tagged on
On this cd you’ll see me, no longer a phantom
Though id die for it, to be killing these mics
Doing it to death or I’m not doing it right
I can feel it building up somethings brewing inside
Is this only the beginning, or an ending in sight
Gazing at the stars when I’m looking up high
Use them as my inspiration and my archetype
Work hard like them all day and night
Doing what i need to do to touch the sky
So hold tight, as i blast off
The tops my mark as i pass all
Thinking out the box, smashed ceilings and glass walls
Back in box, underground, when i fall
I might not have the street credibility
But i know I’ve got the lyrical ability
As i show off my syllable agility
Cause when i go home I’ve usually only
Bin in for a minute and I’m sitting on the internet
Listening to lyrics and I’m studying the synonyms
Visualising everything, not settling for anything
Infected with viruses, I’m not taking my medicine
But metaphors and syllables i over dose on
Letters form so I can’t take a lower does of
Getting through my bars but i can’t they’re so strong
Won’t lower my bars I’m charged up like a proton
Same old song but the beat goes on
Shot gun striking upon like I’m riding upfront
Theres literally non, to whom id pass the baton
Yea, I’m the last one like I’m the champion
Obstacles I’m jumping
In this marathon I’m running
Pros and cons I’m judging
Whether is should do this dumb thing
Trying to be come king
But I’m holding on to something
Care to much what some think
Though that has never stopped me
Played this game in vain since age fourteen
Only thing i love more is my football team
Well obviously along with my family
Its weighing on my brain that i ain’t the same
So after telling you the tale of henry taylor
Maybe i feel less, like a failure
My enemy will never see my friendly nature
Working till i can’t be any greater
So hey to the haters
Awake until late till i say see you laters
This statement i making couldn’t get more blatant
Repeating myself but the breath isn’t wasted
So I’m just saying
I’ve been waiting
So all of this patience
All the time I’ve been taking
On this music making
Yea I’m not doing it for you
Im doing it for me

Verse 2
Yea I’m working hard for it, sometimes i even starve for it
Opening up old wounds and baring my scars for it
Murdering the guards and breaking out the bars for it
Killer on the loose they’re sounding the alarms for him
So busy killing, walking round a ghost town
Spitting round so fast like man just slow down
I can’t I’m just me, more than a pronoun
And if you didn’t know bitch well you know now
Yea I’m cutting deep, to kill the industry
Fed up feeling weak but can rest in my sleep
Then maybe this is all a dream
Soon will be my reality
This art is an expression of every lesson I’ve been given
Aggressive adolescence turned into an obsession
Confessions of digressions turned into a profession
Not asking for forgiveness just asking that you listen
So are you listening to this narcissistic hypocrite
Who hates being selfish but only talks about himself in this
This album, i set fire to it like an arsonist
When i put it out, still ignited inside of it
On the precipice of loosing it like a crucifix
Taken from my neck and i threw it in the bin
Reborn atheist, so I’m asking who is this
Don’t recognise myself when I’m in the booth to spit
So I’m looking in the mirror think should i stay or wait
Thinking I’m a quitter till I’m feeling more than hate
Training to get fitter so i can give them hell all day
Painting the bigger picture like my self portrait
So who tells the truth, i must be the last one
Fed up of living life with this mask on
So I’m taking it off, yea man I’m revealing myself
And not just because its good for my health
Definitely this isn’t good for my wealth
Probably won’t get job after either.. ah well
I’m just sick of living life in stealth
Got things i need to say and story to tell
Finally an artist, now I'm making imagery
No painting making it vivid like a masterpiece
On this album I'm going you the all of me
Look at the cover its there for all to see
So I’m just saying
I’ve been waiting
So all of this patience
All the time I’ve been taking
On this music I’ve been making
Yea I’m not doing it for you
Im doing it for me

(oh yeaaa
Oh yea
Oh yeaaa)

Im the Last One
Im the Last One

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About "The Last One"

The title the last one doesn’t just refer to this song being the outdo to the album but also referring to the fact that I feel that nowadays Im the last person left to trust. I can’t trust anyone else intentions, I have to focus on me and make sure I’m making the right choices for what i feel right. Then finally its also eludes to the fact that this song might be the last song i ever do as i might not be able to dedicate the time to music after this project/album. Which is alright as i think everything I’ve needed to say i have said on this album and i feel good and positive about it. It is actually the last song recorded on the album, I actually finished writing it inside the booth.

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