Chuck Acid

Remain Thorough


Shout out to Reason
Nigga texting right now instead of working

[Verse 1]
Breathe in
Breathe out
Don’t leave doubt
Pull that weave out
Stay true
Remain thorough
How many ways can I say refrain from fakeness
Stuck in your ways too afraid to chase the greatness
Not I
Not C-H-U-C-K
We underground like subways
And bumpin' UGK
We underground but they still hear me though
These bars still send the signal
My flow imperial
Throne getting passed to Simba
Holy bars
I could tell the pastor listen
Told me if this rap shit don't pop
Revert to pimpin potent
Notion duly noted
Sniff this beat and lose your focus
After bloody noses don't argue 'bout who the dopest
I am
The wolf of Broad Street
Don't fucking cross me
I heard that life's a hoe
I call it bitch
She call me poppy
See I just want the throat
A different stroke can catch a Cosby
And I ain't into all of that
Talking Jello shots. Talking roofies. I’m not into that shit, that's you niggas

[Verse 2]
Keep your comments to yourself or let me know
Lyrical AK
Kept off the shelf is bout to blow
Look what you made me do
No I ain't aiming when I shoot
I'm killing hostages
Patients in hospices
Even the cops can get it
No limit
I get it split it and sell it
Not talking bout cocoa
OK I reload
And separate body from soul
You niggas do it to rap about it
I sit back and laugh about it
You clowning round the wrong nigga

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