Chuck Acid

All Praise Due


[Verse 1]
I just want to be free
I seen an old man kiss his grandson sleep
Thinking one day nigga that could be me, yeah
Thats a nigga dream
One day I'mma reach that shit
I didn't hear the real now I preach that shit
Got me standing on the edge
Never breach that cliff
Down to stand my ground
Never been no bitch
When a nigga got robbed
Made him reach that clip
Devil got my name on a list
Bet he put it on that bullet
When he aimed it and missed
The fuck is a gun to a man with a gift
And that gift is the reason you even exist like
All praise due
I shouldn't be alive, man I'm telling you the truth
Sitting here frontin' like that shit wasn't you God
Heavenly coverage like
What type of insurance you got?
[Verse 2]
I just want to be free
Tired of pretending I'm some shit I couldn't be
I can't be complacent
I'm the nigga you place your faith in
Look around and there's no replacements
I got my
Right hand writing thoughts that I had
At the moment I realized it's likely I'll pass
The greener the grass, the more snakes in your path
If you don't have that
Still take what you have
See I grew up where the niggas get half
Taught us if you want more
Gotta be another class
A lot of niggas want skrilla by any means
Heavy barrel like baritone
Ready to let it sing
All praise due
A lot of niggas die everyday and I pray it ain't you
Happy that today what I prayed came true thats
All my momma said when paramedics came through

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