On The Daily


Im pourin up a 2
Im feelin lovely
You talkin all dat shit
Its gon get ugly
Im on da east coast
Doing up the same things
Blowin dope doing drugs
On the daily
They say prohibeo done changed
He done switched up
U ain't me u wouldn't know
I got em fucked up
Fuck all these people that watch
And dont say shit
Bitch dont hit me up when we up
On some fake shit
I see right thru you and yo lies
You a ghost
Fallin asleep off that lean
Make a toast
Sippin exotic
I been off narcotics
Ever since i landed
There's no way to stop it
Better kill it
Fore the drugs try to kill me first
Im speakin to you
Whenever i do a fuckin verse
So listen up
I got some real shit to say
Fuck what they say
Do what the fuck you want
Dropped outta high school
Then i got a job
Got fired quit 5 of em
Now im goin hard
Real rap shit hoe
Watch me transfer the flow
Then i blow it on dope
Next day its all gone
Keep blowin pacc
Everywhere i go
Alprazolam and the codeine
Got me feelin slow
They callin my name
They yellin milo
I said im good
Im jus really feelin this lean doe
Eyes look closed
Bet im still awake doe
Never catch me slippin
Dont fuck wit a snake hoe
I love the way
That you be talkin to me
She pop it for me
Can't cuff doe
She got too many hoes
I ain't tryna be one of em
But its sumn dat she know

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