I usually don’t get this deep, but you done pissed me off/
Now I’m ‘bout to rip the blades off a motherfuckin’ chainsaw/
Why you say I can’t rap ‘cause I’m white? Well, let’s think twice//
Do you even got a brain, dog? /

Yeah, I said dog… You’re just a fucking mutt/
Don’t got a life, you had one too many doughnuts/
You don’t mean shit to me, maybe you should keep your fuckin’ mouth shut/
All I hear is, quack, quackity-quack like a wild duck/

Keep on waddling, you fat bitch/
Lose a couple pounds, get a membership and go and get active/
Go get some surgery, you’re lookin’ like elastic/
Makeup looking tragic, you need some fuckin’ practice/
Get back, bitch… You don’t wanna push my buttons/
Ugly ass hoe, the product of incest cousins/
You’re a true hater, my anger has been summoned/
High School Drop Outs don’t amount to nothing/

While you hate, I’m rappin’/
Making money, gettin’ ass and/
Skippin’ class, never pass/
Faker than Kim Kardashian’s ass/

What comes around, goes back around/
You know I don’t give a fuck about these ugly ass clowns/

Now, why’d you have to go out of your way to say some stupid ass shit like that? /
Eminem is way better than 21 and Kodak/

You know, you didn’t have to go and be a cunt/
You just chose to be one/

Let me guess, you had every thing handed to ya/
Mom and Dad gave it all, do you got plans, do ya? /
Better go to church and sing some Hallelujah/
You’ll need some fuckin’ prayers, life deep than some scuba/

It’s best that you move to Tennessee of Chattanooga/
Get the fuck away from Perry, better yet, go to Cuba/
Pissed, throwin’ bitch fits, more evil than Judas/
Now I’m throwin’ disses at you even though I never knew ya/
Fucking bum, you got Dev on attack/
Dropped out of school, you probably couldn’t fucking pass/
No diploma, livin’ in the streets, digging through some trash/
You’d probably go and suck a horse dick for a snack/

Living in a box, head ass/
Suck a lot of cock, head ass/
How’s it feel to get no bread havin’ ass? /

You a broke bitch, why you actin’ boogie? /
Drinkin’ out of fountains, you don’t drink no fuckin’ Fuji/

Hold up, you a cum guzzling gutter slut/
Fuckin’ all these guys, just so they can bust a nut/
Bet you couldn’t handle 12 inches in your gut/
Won’t do anal, got shit coming out your butt/
Bet I fuck/

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