Back Then


Back then all these haters didn't fuck with me
Now they the same ones askin me for free beats
You price your shit for what its worth they call you cocky
Imma need dat broccoli asap no rocky
None of these haters out here could ever just stop me
They want my music to stop then they better pop me
I walk around and smoke my blunts after she top me
Im feelin good might fuck yo bitch if she look sloppy

I just do the same shit
Ima take another sip
Bitches all up on my dick
Not really tho i ain't shit
Talkin shit thinkin you slick
Ion even give a shit
Smokin my grams by the fifth
Pass me that sailor lil bitch
Pass me that dope ima roll
Sendin that bitch to the sto
Smokin on loud u lil hoe
U can keep sippin yo 4
Bitch if i pass you the dope
That shit best go down yo throat
Switchin up shit fuck a flow
Mothafuck prohibeo

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