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Don't get caught up in this bullshit it's gon drown you away
Focus on just what's important we gon get it today
I know that gold won't make me happy homie I'm chasing perfection
I'm obsessed with perfection
I'm searching for the impossible
Don't get caught in the lazy river it's tempting and tough to leave
Do your people love you for who you are, or for your cheese
I know money won't make me happy homie I'm chasing perfection
I'm obsessed with perfection
I'm Searching for the impossible

(Verse 1)
I love the way you lie i fall for that fuckery every time
Smoking on my favorite strain it taste like Apple Jacks
You can borrow this joint but pass it back smoke till I have an asthma attack
Been years since I used the inhaler still I'm fresh my clothes is tailored
I watch over human reaction an artist observer
Self suicidal assassin the road I'm on got me worried
Our path to death it keeps us in tact and unique
Along with sacks of that leaf make me laugh at this whole so called life thing
I find it hard to accept the fact you're not supposed to trust people
That's why lately a lot of liquor been coming outta my p hole
I hit that shit with force, Brett Kiesel
Turned you to my bowflex
Burning calories through the process
Under the spell of a couple potions
My shit get growing from your motions lick you like hostess
Fix you up give you the most cause
It makes me happy to see you happy
Ain't no reenacting see he be what others lacking
I'm strong thc them dudes is cbd ain't causing much reaction

(Verse 2)
I bet you wish you had everything in the world right
You think materials are the answer
I'm a reject flick a teacher off if they tell me to pull my pants up
Introspective motherfuckers we the bread and butter punany I smother cause I lay off while you hover do it like none other you tuck under the covers
You ain't really bout it
You don't know a motherfuckin thing
Been through a lot of shit but my past don't sting
That's a bit of a lie but you know the grass still green
Praires I can pray in
Relaxing place to stay in
A sniper to target Satan
A comedian bob sagat
A Medium long jacket
Endless Doritos and pizza
Them mattresses you only see on TV
Once in a while order ritas
I want a platinum plaque
Hung up right next to the Mona lisa
Not stressing about my visa
Mineos pizza lifting my feet up
Peace and quiet
Time to live
No more riots
Happy kids
Do what you aspire no longer shame the children

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