Myles J.

Bright Lights


[verse one]
Through all this time only one thing has been on my mind
All these things and all these dreams and all these schemes
So many things tryna distract
Then i gotta figure out how to get my mind back on track
Never knew why it had to be like that
But one thing i did was never give up
I knew my time would come up
Too many thoughts
Too many times i've spent
Trying to get to this one place
To see my face on
One of those tv screens
And everything in between
I wanna see my name in the bright lights
I'm only living one life
I gotta do it right

(i will, i will, i will)

I wanna let you know that i was never playing
Need you to understand everything i'm saying

(follow my dreams, and do my thing) x4

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