Xavier Montana

Where’s Ya Loyalty


Niggas faker than a bitch
Index finger trigger itch
Niggas ain't loyal they foul
I can't even crack a smile
Straight face and they mad
We got pounds, big bags
Couldn't last a day in my shoes
CNN I made the news

Now I got different views
Now I got different tools
Shai doee got hella flow
Montana got hella dough
I know the reals from the fakes
I know the tigers from the snakes
These fake niggas ain't far
Man they right in yo face
Fake hoes I hate those
I want euros and pesos
No face no case doe
No prints no case hoe
Xay put me on the track, so you know I had to snap
When you listen to this rap, you gone play this shit back
Bad bitch like Kendall Jenner, my girl eats it up for dinner
Not a beginner, bitch I'm colder than December

Hit the mall spend racks bitch, blowing crud that pack bitch
Why these hoes playing roles? I don't know how to act bitch
Mac on me, I'm not talking about lip gloss
When I squeeze, baby please, the BITCH gets pissed off

In love with the blue strips, these niggas running loose lips
They Softer than acoustics, I'm eating you fucking toothpicks

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