Coby Bates

Someone’s Creeping


I don't know what's happening im worried someone's creeping
Something similar to karma a spirit to keep me even
The spell it cast a heathen
I'm breathing
I'm breathing
I can do anything in this world I'm never retreating
I will not be defeated I will not be defeated
All the snakes get depleted
All this hate I don't need it
Take my plate I'll be eating
See the path that I'm leading
You can't stop me now!!!
You can't stop me now!!!
(Verse 1)
Little scrawny caucasian I take the beat n sautéed
Feeling like a psycho but how could I feel like a psycho if psychos don't have any feelings
My whole life has been in derailment since I was dropped in adoloscense
It's a big world buddy boy don't take too long to learn your lessons
I'm as original as it get
And I ain't a criminal yet
Just a subliminal threat working for minimum debt
A goofy dude with lots of style and I hate my soundcloud page
Puts me in a fit of rage to see what I do offers nothing to appreciate
But still anticipate that I'll be great before I desecrate in my favorite space
My bed
Talk a lot of shit but never say I bust lead
I'm a new adult still dealing with child hood trauma
And I'm losing brain cells every song I hear about commas

(Verse 2)
My musics a reflection of me that's why I can't describe it
Moscato sipping smoking like a baller looking at a horiiizon
Look I'm as good as it gets
I'm tired of hearing otherwise
Buncha lies
Tug a warrr play this game with me my sides gon multiply
You're muddy
You dummy
We all were born some guppies
But I think it's about time that y'all should put away the huggies
Girlies slurp me like slushy don't let that make you feel awkward
Norman up on the couch c ron roll that pound proper I'm in the booth like Oprah
Try to rest when my mind allows me
I wish that I could work a schedule but here I am
Without a vouch or plead
I Just got robbed for all my weed
And the last cigarette that I bummed was dipped in pcp

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