I'm the devil don't you let me down easy
Just like a bandaid, baby, make it quick
I'm the bullet that just barely grazed you
Just a warning shot, an empty threat

Say you love me
Say you don't
Say you'll never come around
See you later, darling
See you around
I'll hear you when you've hit the ground
The ground

Falling slowly
Falling free
Laugh at what's become of me
See you later, darling
Yeah I'll see you around
I'll hear you when you hit the ground

When you're down, down, down

I'm the devil hope you never meet me
It's just waste of everybody's time
I'm the baggage that you leave behind
I might be yours
But you'll never be mine

If misery loves company
Why the hell am I alone?
Every anti-anniversary
I hope you'll be there when I stumble home

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