I'm so glad that you've decided to embrace your curls
You know yours was my favorite hair in the world

Now it only exists on the floor of our empty apartment
I don't wanna sweep
I can never sleep
And I don't wanna change a thing
Because you picked out all of my favorite things about this place

All my love
I wanna see it through
All my fears
They're coming true
I don't wanna live a life without you
Just wish you'd see me through
There's the emptiness
Yeah, there's the fear
There's your face that'll take me so far away from here
There's the sunken eyes and all the lies
Staring at you in the mirror
But it's just you and you're standing there naked and alone

It used to be you'd wake me on a sunday afternoon
But we weren't perfect and I wouldn't change a thing
It ended way too soon

Stuck in the wheelchair where the days are long
The money you were promised now it's all gone
More problems than friends
Yeah I can do the math
More bills than money no this can't last

The din of the city
The fuck you tone
The homeless dregs that never leave you alone
And you'd never leave me
And I'd never cheat
I wake up to see you and it's just empty sheets

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