She's got christmas lights in her room
All year 'round
It keeps everything soft around the edges
As she lays inside the darkness

And a comforter that smells just like dog
Sweet but overwhelming
Something you love but could grow to hate
Something just like me

Everything is everywhere
Everything's a mess
Just like I left it
Just like you and me
You think of all the things you could have said
You think of all the things you said instead
When you're living inside your head

And you don't even know how you really feel
And you don't know if this love is real
Or if it's a fleeting thing

It's writing a song
About the wrong girl
When she calls your name
It ruins your world

I didn't do it willfully
I wasn't calm
It wasn't exacting
But I knew it was wrong
An incinerator
A great house fire
You tell me the truth but I'm a fucking liar
I watched it crumble as you turned to dust
I watched you trust me as I turned to lust

And you just wanted what you couldn't touch
The only thing she did was love too much
And you'll never see her again
And you just had to see about a girl
How can you know if you never roam if you were really home?
And now you'll never really be home

I hope someday she'll be happy
Perhaps someday she'll continue to love me
Find someone that's good enough
Somehow find someone to trust

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