​I tried to get a hold of u
This new u I don't know of u
Lately I ain't heard from u
Lately I ain't heard of u
Word around the town is
Shawty got a new bitch
Well tell me who this new bitch
Cus I thought we got through this
I cut off all my ex bitches
So why u texting ex bitches
Why we doing soul digging
When I take urs and run with it
But I guess now we done with it
Cus we ain't having fun with it
We ain't where we was with it
It ain't the same when I hit it
I guess I reached my limit
So ima leave it's all finished
Mad u told me lies and it's
Adding up at this minute
Tell me why u lied to me
Tell me why u hiding from me
Tell me why i find it funny
Cus i saw it coming but ain't wanna
I won't lie won't flex about u
Won't brag on bout the sex we had
The best I ever had don't doubt u
Got head like never ever damn u
Just everything
I said seem brand new
Cus u just led me on g
And u
Got everybody pressed about u
Cus I'm broken now and stressin bout u
I'm contemplating heavy bout u
Blaming my self when damn it was u
U shiesty and I hate that about u
But be on yo shit can't take that out u
But how u ain't see I was faithful bout u
Never let them speak no fake shit
How u
Just up and leave and flake
How u
Can't talk shit out
U faked the love
How u
Say u loved
But take the love
I gave u and gave it to
Another girl
Played me
I can't blame u
I thought we made good love u changed me
I was scared to love a lady
I came out cus u was my baby
And u played me damn that shit crazy
Wanna know just why u fuckin played me
What made u up and leave man
What made u run from me man
What made u fake comfort me and
Keep leaving me to bleed man
Im so pissed I ain't see man
That u just lied to me damn
We supposed to leave man
What happened to forever things damn
But i won't let u see man
Just what u did to me man
So ill no longer leap man
When u jump away from me and
I won't text yo friends bout it
Ill try to forget bout it
Ill no longer dread about it
Ill delete the texts I sent about it

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About "Closure"

Neshon expresses her feelings on a smooth beat on how she feels and felt at a time where she had been betrayed by her significant other

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