Soully, Yours


You’ve been on my mind
Runnin’ on my mind for miles
I can’t even think about the way
You left me with a soul so cold
I just needed a warm place
With you
You just let it slip away
Behind my back and in the front of my face
But it’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
[Verse 1]
I’m in between this jealousy and your judgment
Can’t fill the greed that your feelings need
That we both agreed to know front and
I saw visibly we lost something
Intimately was one thing
Physically, we were both depleted
I was overseas and lost touch with
Your transparency to give you words you need
Tell me one thing I don’t believe in
‘Cause what you said compared to what I’d see
Had no symmetry when you were up with
All these other fools I ain’t trustin’
(C'mon girl, don't fuck with me)
Brokenhearted to a sober artist who got all over this reluctantly

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