I don’t even like doing this shit but, shit...

I grew up on couches he got like six houses
We are not the same
I'm a man you a you a you
A fucking bitch man probably wearing blouses
What the fuck saying man, all that shit is nonsense
Rich kids like my denim I put stitches in them bitches
I don’t even like to say that word but you’s a bitch dog
Grew up in the hood but you got food up in your cupboard
I’m out of this world hoe, L. Ron Hubbard
You’s a mother fucking lame, you’s a mother fucking bitch
You’s the mother fucker probably get the whole crew snitched on
You’s a prince to a king whats a king to the don
Whats a don to a pawn that don’t give a fuck?
You got all that money so stop all of that complaining then!
Don’t get me wrong he works a nine to five to death
He a hard ass worker make a beat up out this bitch
But sometimes you gotta say what you really gotta say
Sometimes you gotta feel, how you really got a feel
And you make me feel a way
You acting funny dog
You kinda suss what the fuck- you doing round me dog
Damn how does he even exist
His mama don’t like him his older bros thinks he’s a bitch
I mean he’s cool if you wanna do some coke and watch netflix
All up in the mother fucking basement, face it
Mother fucker you’s a fucking base head
I’m a do some shrooms I'm a chill and play NES quick
I’ma look up quantum physics while I fucking do the addition
You fucking getting all those digits but you fell out fruition
I’m a product of the state welfare check and food bank and all
But if money was the object when my homie won a million mother fucking dollars
Then you know that IVAN TOWNSEND ball
But I chose to keep my soul, all I got are my balls, eh

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About "Fuccboi PSA"

“Fuccboi PSA” is the third song off the album titled “Synthfonii of Hades” from canadian hip-hop artist IVNTWNSND.

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