(Verse 1) loafcoat

See I pull up to the party rollin' deep with them troops
Man, we gon' do us just do you
And there go JD off in the corner with the boof, and some pals
On the couch, off the xans so aloof
Look now, we done had drama in the past
So you think of talkin' crazy lil shorty be smooth
Sip a lil water to recoup
Then we on the porch wittit smoke a square, fuck around and spark 2
Usually we in the city too, ridin' them fixies
Posted in the cut, never smokin' them nickies
Beanie or a snapback, no 59/50's
Takeoff season baby and I put it on wxy
Steve got the henny in the dixie
Straws on the table sniffin' lines of the pixie
Young visionaries, ambiance of the 60's
And we keep it flee you know the fit too crispy!
You know
The type of shit you gotta take a pic with
Movin' to the store, pick up the hots and the mistic
We on that Chicago shit I'm guessin' that ya missed it
Lookin' like the cool kids, you could never sit with
You lookin' like a dipshit, frontin' yo moves
Who the hell told you wearing bape is still cool?
But it ain't all bad bro, that's a nice pair of 2's
But I'm still thinkin' that this whole shit ain't you
Ya see, Jamal finna slide with the hoes
And will ya get one, that's the thing iono
Cause you look bogus as hell, these bitches all know it well
Go and show em' that Supreme that you got, show and tell
See I pull up to this bitch inna Rangers jersey
Ask me, "do I got the beer?', well the chrome hold 30
Where were we? Du$to pull up holdin' the pack
So you know we had to go, roll a wood off bat, like uh, hahaha
(Hook) x2
Moon, Greg, Drew, Dylan and Pac
Flacko, Zeek and everybody that I fuck with alot
Ain't nobody else beside em' that could slide to the lot
You be comin' through and actin' like you gang but you not
Man, gon' head on with that bullshit
You wanna fuck around one of the woadies got a full clip
We the type of people you don't wanna get into it with, uh, hahaha

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About "Wxy"

Just a song ‘bout me n my pals, the thangs we do, the wasted youth :) wxy

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