Toonami 2


Oh, hello
I'm really, really sorry
But I'm not in at the moment
Herbs don't find themselves you know?
Anyway if you leave a message
I'll call you back as soon as I get home I promise
If I, um, owe you money I promise I'll pay you back
The next time I see you, have a nice day

I could watch Toonami till the night that I fall
I can't fuck with you if you don't watch it at all
I'm just tryna make it out of here and go ball
But half you niggas thinking that I'll stay if you stall
I do this for my friends yeah y'all stay in my heart
I clash like a titan cause I'm always on guard
I never miss the beat yeah I stay out the dark
The light is all I see and yet I'm still going hard
Ichigo, Yoruichi and Rukia what's up?
I hit them niggas up on my little Nokia
And it ain't no trap phone all you niggas play tough
But I just want to eat some jello with my bitch in a tub
Little bitch in some Stussy yeah she study me I'm handsome
I ain't never held no random bitch for some ransom
Take your crazy attitude to home yeah I can't son
You came to me for money, but a nigga bout to skrrt skrrt

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