Love Ain’t Enough


I've been tryin', baby
Said I've been tryin', baby
Lord knows I ain't tryin' hard enough
Well I guess I forgot that somehow love just ain't enough
Sometimes I wonder
This gon' pull me under?
Or is this a different kind of lover?
'Cause I've been doin' this for a long time
And I stay on my grind
So please don't be, please don't be playin' games with love
I decided, baby
See, I decided, baby
See, I've been thinkin' and drinkin' so much
And I decided, baby
That it's time for me to hit the road 'cause I got shit to do
And you know what they say
You know what they say?
They say the goin' gets tough
Said I'm leavin', baby
You know I'm leavin', baby
But if it was up to me, you know that I'd stay
We both know this ain't how I wanna be livin'
But I can't change the mind I'm given
'Cause if it was up to me, you know that I'd stay
But I got so much pride, I got so much pride
And Lord knows, I ain't takin' that hit today

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