Don’t Talk Crap


[Verse 1]
Don't let me catch you talking crap to the Boss
You should stay away, knowing that you just took the loss
But if you really want to talk some more crap...
I'll fight you again, put you in another bodybag
"I don't get it." But what is there not to get?
The fact that you got smacked, or the fact that you got rekt?
You don't need to be Einstein to understand it
I guess you could say, I have the Advantage

The Advantage. Like my name was Iplaytennislol out here. But I'm not Iplaytennislol. J-j-j-just d-don't talk crap. That's it. That's it! Don't talk crap. That's it. I don't even have anything else to say

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About "Don’t Talk Crap"

The short song is a diss on user Pokemon 0G. It’s not much, because it was a mini bonus that was thrown onto the end of a Bodybag Collection video. But we still gotta acknowledge its existence as a song.

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