-I don't give a fuck nigga TA
Fuck the youth nigga
Fuck these kids nigga
You heard me nigga fuck the youth nigga
I meant that shit nigga Mom and Dad you hear this?
Fuck yo child nigga

Horrible influence yes I is, yes I is
Aye uh (yes I is, yes I is)
My nigga I don't give a fuck can't stress that enough

[Verse 1]
I'm bout that life uh
I don't miss my old hoes like I don't miss my flights uh
I'm gon' live yo niggas dream and tell em what it's like
All I brought to the table for your wife was that pipe uh
Jeffery, Doctor Jeffery might spike a nigga Sprite uh
Horrible influence yes I is, yes I is aye uh (yes I is, yes I is)
I don't give no fuck I give some cigs to some kids
Police kicked my door' in put the rig to my wig
Tell me who the fuck done put the pigs in my biz

[Verse 2]
Doctor, aye
Got too many partners no new niggas on my roster (hey)
Bought my bitch a steak I bought her friend alfredo pasta (hey)
Both my bitches strippers count them bandz right by they locker
19 fuck you mean nigga bought that bitch some Vodka
I'm a horrible influence yes I is nigga (hey)
Dump a bad bitch like Wiz nigga (hey)
Nigga tell me how the fuck you bought a Benz nigga (hey)
Yee ain't go to school
Yee ain't suppose to make them ends nigga

I'm cruising (hey)
Hey fool yo whole posse soft and I'm a prove it (hey)
These niggas wonder why they movement barely moving (hey)
These niggas wanna be from Memphis and I'm sick of them (uh huh)
I need my homies paid in USD by 12 (hey)
Kicked out of heaven nigga I was banned from Hell (hey)
And all I brought was dick and all she brought was tail (hey)
Cause I'm a horrible influence, Yes I is
I want all the kids to do the shit I did nigga

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