Life’s Complex

The Flavor of the Tic Tac


[Intro: Life’s Complex]
Uh, yeah
Shouts out to Funk Volume

[Verse 1: Life’s Complex]
The squad’s Tic Tac
You boys better get back
Or get banged and whiplashed
Your whole whip’ll get jacked
I’m pissed off, a peeing G
A gruesome image is attached
So smash the gas and pass all of those who don’t live life fast
Otherwise you might end up on the nightly news
Cause I don’t play man, and neither does my crew
I’m their anchor the way that I hold it down
So back the fuck up or get buried up in the ground
Six feet deep, mess with me or you’ll cease breathing
Go to sleep, dreams into demons
I mean what I say
I’m the dean for the day
This my team so you probably gon’ bleed if you hate
I’m dropping fire and I ain’t talking eating Taco Bell
I’m hopping in the booth no stopping once I started, player
Made it off a Hail Mary, that’s called living on a prayer
Slow exterminating fuckboys I’m the rap slayer
Tic Tac Squad
We got bars

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