Intro (The Jeffery EP 1)


*phone rings*
-Damn man where the fuck you at?
-D'oh shit, I didn't know you were here
-Yeah man I been outside
-Alright, here I come man
-fuck up man, shit
-wassup man!
-yeah wassup mane let me in shit where is it at
-yeah man I got this over here
-alright alright alright
-can I try this shit
-yeah man
-let me try some of this shit
-go 'head
-god damn slow down man
-shit I'll try some with ya
-yeah come on, shit
-why the fuck not
-huh huh


[Verse 1]
Theres no need to pretend
I tied her wrist and taped her mouth she'll never leave me again
I'm riding down Shelby drive sipping Seagrams Gin
We'd rather snort them lines now her nose bleeding again
Did somebody call the feds cause I saw them creeping again
I ate so many pills that I'm never blinking again
You out here trying to defend like you don't die in the end
I told your family and friends that they'll never see you again


*text message alert*

[Verse 2]
Cause I'm 21 and broke as fuck surviving without a plan
And you think I give a fuck about being a better man
I think I just saw Jeffery standing outside her crib again
How the fuck that nigga find out where we lived again

(you hear that?)

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