[Intro: Aquafinna]
It's aquafinna yo, aye
What yall know about that doomsday bruh?
2k17 we boutta make some noise yo
Man, it's that doomsday, it's that doomsday

[verse 1]
It's that doomsday, bake a nigga like a souffle
These fake niggas like a toupee
Money hungry I need two plates
Pussy niggas always gotta' hate
Ya' bitch a dub, rather smoke a eighth
I'm a connoisseur I like the fancy taste
That means rich hoes that live outta' state
I cry for my mom and I grind for my dad
Stay in the kitchen we cook in the lab
21 bags yea I leave on the shelf
Always alone 'cause I stay to myself
Supporting my fam and I don't need no help
I drown in the struggle so they swim in wealth
Shots at my street, yea they shooting 'till' dawn
This ain't a game man there ain't no respawn
I grew from the pain! (x2)
God damn!
We fought for our chain!(x2)
God damn!
Got ice in my vein!(x2)
God damn!
Nigga stay in yo' lane!(x2)

[verse 2]
Counting them digits and decimal
I flip a bag like reciprocal
I'm going ape like a danimal
I treat ya' mind like I'm hannibal
She eat my meat like a cannibal
I'm gonna' split like banana boat
Smoking that death and that medical
I'm off that shit like the crucible
This is the antidote, I do not annotate
I save the tape for a later day (damn)
Trynna live lavish
Ain't 21 but I feel like a savage
Need a good girl never lust for a bad bitch
Always a pro I was never an average
No dread head, but we buzzin' like static
Bars so high, now I spit in the attic
Life is a verse and my voice is the ad libs
Ya' bitch on my johnson, but don't call me magic
[Verse 3]
I mack with the top on my lap
I do not slack, feeling like kobe and shaq
I got the codes for the hack
I hold the keys to the racks
I gotta' open and stack
Eating this beat like a snack
You cannot hate this
Popping them perks bitch I'm neo from the matrix
I am a god I can end and create this
Feel like the g.o.a.t 'cause I know I'm the greatest
Shoutout to X, man we know he's the latest
No need no shares I'm the best on ya' playlist
Iphone so raw bitch ya' might need a latex
Life is a message, this might be the late text!

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