Coke Coke Coke Coke Coke Coke ain't in the blunt
Nah nigga
Hell nah nigga I ain't even changing the blunt
Lines nigga I ain't lying nigga, we got lines in the blunt
Make these silly ass cunts regret trying my blunt

Jeffery I brought blow to your door yeah yes uh
Hell yeah nigga I don't smoke no fucking weed no more nigga
Nah nigga
Hell nah nigga I just like the snow
White bitches
All night bitches
We gon' snort some more
Black hoes hell yeah
Black hoes love that nose
Hell nah Latino girls they know how that go
Cocaine Jeffery with that cane we gon' get some more
Don't you worry bout a thang we gon' make it ho
Hell yeah nigga and I'm blowed and I'm alert
Hell yeah nigga I ain't gotta go to work
If I go to work I'm gon' be straight by the first
Cause I got this snow snow snow snow snow
Nah nigga Hell nah nigga I don't glow
Hell yeah Hell yeah nigga I'm gon' blow
Nose nigga
In my nose nigga lets go again
Yeah lets go again Nigga lets go again
Brought the bitch to the club and they brought that powder
We ain't hit the dance floor we gon' snort that powder
For some hours
Nah nigga nah we don't dance
We just got that fucking narcotic in our (?)
Break it down bitch break it down here go my ID
Break it down bitch I got a pound just for you and me
Hell nah bitch I'm just kidding I don't want to OD
But I got that eight for that face what ya gonna do with me


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