Thank You (Freestyle)


Hey yo I wanna thank everybody
Know what I'm saying I could sit here and thank everybody all day
But nigga we got work to do

Point me
To the nearest dealer I got appointments
Jeffery I don't think you want me in your presence
Memphis, smoking dope like every fuckin' second
Bitches, do not ask for nothin I can't help ya
Vodka, Dope, Gin, Coke, Dabs, Xan, Hen, Hoes
Jeffery man who got that purple in your circle
Shit, I'll smoke that reggie if you let me
Jeffery in your city ladies go and show me your titties
Brought the mob with me and we charging bitches 50
Know I got that bottle fuck any nigga who doubt us
Mobbin' through your city I got issues for you cowards
Vodka, Coke fuck that shit I'm starving
Say you wanna fuck me bitch make sure you bring your wallet
Swerving and I'm swerving and I'm parking up at Target
And yo bitch my target I'm gon' fuck her while she farted
Yeah man yeah man so I just wanted to thank y'all
Appreciate all the love
We still working we got plenty of shit coming
New vids on the way
New music on the way
I'll be in your city soon

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