These niggas out here mouthing like I owe em' something like they showed me something
To be honest we don't beef with niggas that live with they Momma ay
He say he don't fuck with me but luckily we don't give the highest fuck
I'm riding through Ohio and I'm high as fuck
On my way to Kansas just to buy a slut
Got alot in Mexico but I be out in Texas though
I got hoes in Idaho that think that we supply the blow
We said we gon' pass the blunt but ofcourse we was lying tho nigga

Ayo you niggas out there mouthing I ain't mad at you
I'm out here in Baton Rouge and I know yo ass won't do a fucking thing
I be out in Portland and I'm snorting ay
I be in Milwaukee while you walking ay I dog them hoes you stalking ay
Niggas out here scheming we be scheming too
I'm out here in Pheonix boo moving weight down Sixty-Two
I ain't worried about a thing niggas out here watching me
Bitch ass nigga I'm watching you
We gon' see me we gon' see em moving and I'm moving down 45
45 east nigga this is where I be
Niggas out here wanting beef

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