This is Shelby County Police Department we got a warrant out for Jeffery Harper open the god damn door
Open the door boy
We know Jeffery Harper's in there come out before we have to kick down the door
Come out you son of a bitch this the police department
-leave me the fuck alone, the fuck
Son if you just corporate this could be real easy
-man I'm recording right now I'm in the fucking studio bruh
Come outside and lets go for a ride you sum bitch
-The fuck outta here bro I'm recording right now. Y'all niggas gon' have to wait I'm in the fucking studio bruh

[Verse 1]
Texts from my exes talkin' bout "Jeffery, what you doing?"
Mobbin' with Lil Colin he a horrible influence
Both you niggas crazy got these bitches out here spooning
Got her on that hard now her hard life is ruined
Police tryna catch me but I'm in the center brewing
So I'm out on Shelby Drive smoking dope and cruising
Niggas try to tell me bout they sorry ass movement
Like who the fuck you foolin' I give no fuck about what you doing nigga
Call me Jeffery I don't know its about to snow
Everywhere I fucking go
I don't give no fuck no more
Catch me crying hoes I already fucked before

But lets keep that on the low cause I tell these hoes I'm broke

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