Who Wanna Fuck Jeffery


Goonies Never Say Die!

-Yo, Yo Mic Check Mic Check
Spit this little freestyle real quick know what I'm saying
I appreciate y'all fucking with my last tape
So let me feed y'all real quick hold on

[Verse 1]
Now explain who the fuck you was talking bout
Silly ass nigga wanna run his mouth
Silly ass nigga think he hard to find
Like I won't arrive just to knock him out
I text my Dad that I'm dropping out
I told my Boss that I'm clocking out
Fuck a 9 to 5 I'll take a different route
Bitch sell that pussy at the Waffle House
Charge them niggas a large amount
And jam that stack in my bank account
Maybe next week I'll take you out
I don't give a fuck if you niggas doubt
Man tell me what the fuck that hate about
A squad rap niggas and we hard to clout
Keep it up bitch I'ma dog you out
I ain't hard to find ain't no fucking drought
Who Wanna Fuck On Jeffery uh
Who Wanna Fuck On Jeffery me! (x4)

(?) my tape like a week ago
Now these hoes know that I keep the snow
Hell yeah baby fuck a backwood
Fuck a bong rip
Let me treat your nose
Smelled that pussy at the Dominos
And leave these niggas in a comatose
Aye baby girl whats that joke you told bout a week ago before we overdosed
I treat a Pop bitch like Christopher Brown
Look at me Now let me take you down
Riding round the city in a German town
With a solid frown like a foster child
Pop that pussy make Jeffery proud
Flash them titties get buck and wild
Suck a nigga dick you can get the crown
Don't worry baby I'll be back in town


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