[Intro: Life’s Complex & Lieutenant General Jizza the 3]
Tic Tac…
Here we go

[Hook: Life’s Complex & Lieutenant General Jizza the 3]
What we got?
Got the swag
What we got?
Got the cash
Got the baddest chicks pulled up on our laps
What we got?
Got the cars
What we got?
Got the stacks
Got some pretty ladies wanting autographs
[Refrain: Rolex B]
Yo I got the swag, man
Yo I got the swag, man
Yo I got the swag, man
Yo I got the swag, man

[Verse 1: Life’s Complex]
Rule one of the Tic Tac Squad, man, you got to have bars
If you don’t you can hit the exit, yeah it’s on the far left
Rule two: you got to keep some sharp breath
Rule three: man, you know you better keep your car fresh
My lines are so intelligent
Rhymes are so impeccable
They don’t want me even though I’m good
Boy go eat your vegetables
You bugging me? Stop pestering
They don’t mess with me? Well don’t mess with ‘em
Could make a good song with some good lyrics
And not even make it sexual
These fake rappers they obsess over
Leave the real ones with the leftovers
But it’s cool cause while they flex on ‘em
We steady scheme to be the next on it
So don’t stress homie
You don’t even know what I’ve been through
You don’t even know my past
So how the hell you know what I can do?
My future’s bright, no candle
‘Lex thank you for this sample
We fucked around and made a banger
Man, this ought to be our anthem
So ladies keep your pants on
And don’t pass these stanchions
I don’t fuck with drugs, no bath salts
So there’s nothing I can’t handle
And I’m gone
[Interjection: Lieutenant General Jizza the 3]
Woah, so hard
Yo, Tic Tac
Yo, bounce with it

[Verse 2: Big DJango]
All these girls getting drunk
Going out and getting crunk
Cause they want to get a lick
Of DJango’s giant dick (LTGJ 3: so big!)
Here’s a tale about a man without a plan
Making love into his hand
Locks himself into the can (LTGJ 3: uhh)
He ain’t got no social game
No he can’t make ladies swoon
Which is really quite sad
Cause his end goal is poon!

[Verse 3: Lieutenant General Jizza the 3]
Course niggas can’t rap as fast as me
But no one else raps so naturally
Fuck a bitch, slap on them fat titties
When she cum hear her say (Big DJango: Oh baby!)
Tic Tac, paddy whack, give your girl my bone
Don’t care when she say don’t call her home
Because I know you, you’s a bitch, B
Slap you harder than the U.S. on Japanese
That’s World War Two, bring war three
Cause I’m Lieutenant the General the Jizza the 3
[Verse 4: Big Magellan]
Big Magellan on the mic now
(LTGJ 3: oh, fuck)
Rapping like the west coast
Silky smooth like the G-funk era
My rhymes only bring good vibes
No terror

[Verse 5: Vile Diarrhea]
Uh, Vile Diarrr-
What? I only got two bars?!

[Outro: Life’s Complex and Lieutenant General Jizza the 3]
What they say?
Damn that’s a good mixtape
Can’t believe them Nevada kids did this shit right here
775, 702
Got damn
And them kids still in highschool? What the fuck?
Drop fire!
Fo’ hunnit

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