*paging Doctor Jeffery! Doctor Jeffery please report to the Emergency room*

[Verse 1]
Nigga I hit the stage butt naked on the regular
Command the crowd to come and fuck on Jeffery
Cause I ain't gave a fuck since 2007
You niggas really want beef you saying you ready
Nigga I cruise the city with a taser
Tase myself right in the navel
Bang my brain right through the table
Forge your name up to a label then strangle a nigga with a cable
Now the doctor wanna know what type of drugs I'm on
Meanwhile all the mud he prescribed me gone
Encourage me to start putting Trojans on
But nigga me and these rubbers don't get along
Bitch can't stay like my momma's home
But you can give me dome while my momma's gone
I'm on the same bud that Obama's on nigga that George Bush nigga that army strong
-hey nigga Smurf hit this shit nigga...*coughs*
-woah what the fuck is this shit nigga
-nigga its a bong nigga
-nah nah nah nah whats in this shit nigga
-nigga, thats soft nigga

[Verse 2]
Oh you interested in beef
Go and get kidnapped, tied up and dropped off a cliff
And these motherfuckers must not like brief
And my motherfuckers start shit for no reason
Any motherfucker that wanna gon' receive it
Any motherfucker that wanna gon' receive it yeah
Any motherfucker that wanna gon' receive it
Niggas sensed it so quick motherfuckers couldn't believe it
I overdosed on birth control
And y'all motherfuckers think you hard to hold
Yeah y'all little niggas think you hard and bold
Boy I treat a rap nigga like he six years old
Fuck off the mic boy fold some clothes
Fuck around and get ya damn nostril swollen
Yeah fuck around and get your Aeropostale stole
I'm a rap game troll when I pop (?) bitch

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