Best Western


[Verse 1: Black Smurf]

[Verse 2: Idontknowjeffery]
Strictly off the brown fuck a margarita
I ain't vote Mitt Romney or Obama either
Bitch I fuck around and release your Labrador Retriever
Nigga tell them old hoes fuck em' I don't need em'
I'm at the Best Western and I ain't bring protection
Look all these niggas know I'm ignorant
All these bitches scared to kick it
Yeah nigga I saw that pack you brought but you ain't bring enough
And nigga I saw that tape you dropped but you ain't keeping up
I'm well connected with the sluts nigga know I know the traps
All I wanna do is fuck
All they wanna do is count
Nigga acid like the staph
Get nasty then I bounce
Nigga turnt up off that (?)
Bitches fucking on they cramps
Everything I'll drop will flop I ain't worried bout no cops
I ain't tryna meet yo Pops
I'm just linked up with them thots
Nigga scheming on them knots
All I do is plot
Watch these niggas rot

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