GRiMM Doza

The Real


Yo yo, It’s the basement, episode 2
Just take a listen
[Verse 1]
Keepin’ it 6400 until the end of me
Floats on amphetamines
The bullet that killed Kennedy on ketamine
My mind is in the 70's
I’m takin' limits to extremities
Just pulled up in the millennium falcon chopping up hella breeze(breathe)
I just come through on the mic like Jordan
The beat scorchin’
Weed foreign and I eat portions
Off the plate, spit meals for your thoughts
Now I’m transforming to this fuckin' sage
Spit haze in a spaceship
I take rips, then I flow
Now who’s a better MC that you know
[Verse 2]
It be the chosen soul, in the stars
Getting lifted like a fuckin' totem pole
All the knowledge, wisdom, been written inside my chromosomes
Pocket full of provolone, spitting antimatter while I’m smoking dope
Acid got my mind in a quantum spin
Hyper-physics, ignite the piff, then proceed to getting guala, bitch
Teleported, hell extorted, by the fuckin' reaper
Crack a feature whenever I ash the cheeba
I channel my powers from all the planets I visit, demanding the skrilla
I’m damaging my fans with the sickness, it’s the real

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