7:39 am Freestyle


Counting my ones, give y'all niggas one more freestyle for being patient. Jeffrey EP V is coming on yo ass, very soon
Now hold on real quick
What's the problem?
You got a bud?
Well I can't help you, cause I don't sell drugs

(Verse 1)
I's the clientele
The clientele
I like being the clientele
I like being high as hell
You trying to sell?
Get a job motherfucker
You still selling dope?
You still stressing?
You still gang-banging nigga?
You still cripping?
I'm still tripping
Dr.Jeffrey still ???? (ignorant maybe)
I'm a black dude wearing Tommy Hilfiger
Fuck niggas, tell that dude I agree with him
Imma kidnap your kid..make him go through all the shit I did
These niggas wanna flow
I want a hoe
And she want that blow god damn
Quit hitting me up for drugs, I'm not the plug (2x)
Quit hitting me up for drugs, I ain't the motherfucking plug

(Verse 2)
I'm a rat like rug
Hit your bitch with a bat
Make her head go flat
Nigga, leave with a cat, come back with a dog
Strangle em all
Strangle them all in the hall
Brought my nigga; Paul
My nigga ????? son, Saul
He going to play it all
He don't never call the bitches
All on his balls
Aye yo
I'm going to flow on y'all niggas, here we go
I'm coming out of your driveway
Driving your shit my way
30 miles per hour on the high day on the highway, it's a hot day
Tomorrow's Friday
Yesterday was Tuesday
What you fools say?
Shit, oh you wanted something better?
You want to hear something better?
Nigga, suck a dick, nigga
I ain't working hard for you niggas
Ya'll niggas ain't paying me shit yet

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About "7:39 am Freestyle"

A freestyle Idontknowjeffrey made to hype up for one of his EP’s, “Jeffrey EP V”

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