Verse 1:
Dee said go harder
I'm fly I'm so charter
Schooling ya'll boys you can call me Coach Carter
Used to jam Wayne, Lil Flip and Sean Carter
Now I just hear my own shit like i'm sitting on the toilet

I ain't getting comfortable
Hustle hard like Chapo
Fuck a 9 to 5 that's 8 hours of my dough
Yaw queens under pressure
I'm Jason Terry, never sweat
When i look in the mirror, it say this real as it get's
Send my bro some money he got one year till he free
Know he would do it for me
Felt like we was kids last week
Remember you was in the streets getting dough how you can
Bullet hole in your hand
They put one in your fam

Time flies and the world keeps spinning
I can't wait till we all the way up on Remy
And good broccoli
I'm timid but still cocky
Try me I'll go rocky
You fools chicken
Grill me, i'll show you, you teriyaki

I'm like Dennis with my peeps but i'm the chill one
Menace on the beats you can ask Mister Wilson

They say you can tell a lot by a man's shoes
Well if you looking at mine you can tell i'm brand new
Stay fresh that's why the broads coming like i'm Cancan
Never let a bopper tell you what you can and can't do

These guys got no class
Talking down on they ex-chick
I be on to the next chick and the next check
BALLS BIG like your debt bitch
I'm so lit like the exit

No Lexus my Jag all black like we at Essence
Austin that's my Vertebrae, prodigy of texas
I smashed 50 girls so I get 21 questions
Rappers stay stealing my style
But i'm flattered by impressions

My flow so sick you need to rub on some Vicks
Sip syrup for the cough* DJ screw in the whip
MJ with the rings
RIP to the king
If you look inside your self you got the key to your dreams

Not a producer turned rapper
I'm a dreamer turned raptor
Looking for my next meal
Hungrier than Fat Bastard

Everybody say i'm the shit, soiled pampers
But i'm humble cause the game is RAW spelled backwards
Full of actors
Hollywood nigga's and backers
Flashing non having hoes fronting
Chasing frauds
Kissing ass for password
To short cuts with gatekeepers
No wonder why my old manager said she hate people
Too many fake people
Fake love like Drake said
Especially when you doing everything they wish they did

Don't get confused use your jewel find your juice
Cause there's a lot of competition
But there only one you
Drop game for the youth

Know the game yea i'm boss
When my pub deal up
I'll be shining on a island like a star on Lost

While I just got home
With the view of the pacific ocean
Living coastal
They got question like Oprah
I guess I'm Iverson (the answer)
Passing test, like they open
Flexing on you haters i'm the black Hulk Hogan
No relation to you haters ya'll got drag queen emotions
I don't come down on my prices you better pay him what you owe hims
Motherfucker it's time..

New vibes, new experiences now
Now a nigga getting paid for appearances now
They appearance ain't matching what their lyrics about
Where all these hot rappers i ain't hearing about
This yaw last chance, ask chance ya'll rhymes belong in the trash, all that gassing never fuck it

Gotta Rep The Town 2

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