Ndisiye Ndakadaro


Hey ThazaNova, they been stalking on a brother talking stuff they no jaq about, lmma go loco on them stalkers straight up and be like.......

Chimbondisiya ndakadaro
Out here grinding harder boy
Ndisiye ndakadaro
Making paper, getting better, make it triple, make it drizzle
Thats me against the odds
Saka ndisiye ndakadaro
(Verse 1)
Yeah chimbondisiya ndakadaro
Busy stalking me dai mandisiya ndakadaro
L got my mind on my money and my money on my mind
You got food on your mind but you kids are always hungry
Lm African-American
Power of a hurricane
Fighting in the streets like Ken l go "ShoyuKen"
Excuse my French like French l go "no new friends"
They hate me now they love me
Love me now they hate me
L found a mine for the nation and put a notice in the press
Golddiggers wanted now, T2gail is on the way
L'm a dreamer l live my dreams
A soldier for my fam
Hands dirty money clean, l grind for tomorrow
All my dreams were shattered dad all my hope was left dead
All my faith was made to fade and the voices were never heard
The broken dreams are mending now and the dead are waking up
The life that we are living yeah we still living large
So yeah ndisiyei ndakadaro
L wanna entertain saka ndisiyei ndakadaro
Handisi kumberi handisi beyond lm over what you see
This is Langston Cam Allen take this down lm a god

Ndine mweya wechi bully saka NDISIYE NDAKADARO
Ndino boxer kana bhuru NDISIYE NDAKADARO
Pachikuru ndinehuturu
Yeah l told 'em l was coming but they really didn't buy it
L told 'em grind harder be a king be like me
But they never get it though yeah they never get it boi
(Verse 2)
L used to be your slave homie now its different lm your king
You tell me that you like me cause you see lm getting bigger right
Little do you know lm nothing of your level
Lm nothing of your status
Lm nothing of your calibre
Records that you set ndikuuya daukuma breaker
Get the message right l ain't bluffing CODEBREAKER
They got me locked in
Fenced in Phased out
They got me in these chains
First in First out

Ndisiye ndakadaro
Ndisiye ndakadaro
Ndisiye ndakadaro
Lemmie be what l wanna be
Ndisiye ndakaro

Artist: Langston
Album: Single
Title: Ndisiye Ndakadaro
Produced by: ThazaNova

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