in Me


I’m trying to muster up the courage to speak to you
Even after all that we’ve gone through
I can’t get to the point to tell you that I love you
Who knew that those three words can’t be said to you?
Te amo, ik hou van je, je t’aime beaucoup!
Simple things I wanna do
Governments, that’s who!
A book is their excuse
Something I’m not I’m turning into
I don’t know what the fuck I should do!
But I won’t give up and so shouldn’t you
This is our life, no one can take this from us
Hate is nothing, love’s more precious
The world will change I promise
Light will always shine in darkness
I’ll make it happen
Sculpt a better Earth for everyone
It’ll be better than anyone can imagine
No one will ever feel abandoned
No one will ever be forgotten
Change will come for the present
Just keep your head high and embrace that you are different
Still here, not goin’ away, not for a second
Fuck the ignorant government, the threat is imminent
The time has finally come for us to do something important

So long, I’ve thought of you, throughout the day
Never once thought what to say
Forgot to pray
I can’t stay, today, but ay
Everything will be okay
Listen to me on replay
My love for you will remain!
Love is love, forget the hate
We know we’re not great
There ain’t no need to be afraid
Together we will fight through, there ain’t no other escape
We all make mistakes
Break through the chains
Fuck the pain and disgrace
Just hold me and embrace
Cuz, I’m here to stay
Our love cannot be contained
Our love will forever sustain
It is worth all that pain
It’s worth all the strain
I’m going insane
For you
Our time will be framed
It’s you
Who keeps me restrained
I know it’s too late
I can no longer wait
I love you, it keeps me awake
You remained the same
While everybody else changed
Going up against
The world
With our heads raised
You can’t be replaced
I miss your lips
Miss your heart when you exhaled
Keeps my breath inhaled
Your name on my heart, engraved
Cupid’s arrow impaled
Just think of life as a gift
Stop hate and start loving it
Just try to be more positive
This ain’t a rope leading down to the great abyss
I won’t let the law stop me and my man from a kiss
Fuck it, imma take him to the street
Hold his hand
And show him what a real man can be
An act of love in front of the world
People unfurl acts of hate and chant “It’s what they deserve.”
If only they put this much effort into something that mattered
The world would be a better place and free from this curse
49 fallen soldiers but my heart continues to Pulse
Hate is a small rock thrown in a pond, it ripples
We all equal, fuck the labels!
Who I am is not illegal
We are all unique but not evil
We just wanna be treated like we’re normal
Is that too much to ask for?
When was the last time it was you against the people?
I’m one of those individuals
A rapper, part of the people
Until you realise who I am
A bisexual

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