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".The Callaway solid Wedge is nothing over a taking part in classic. This wedge can away with all the bells and whistles and provides you with the performance and utility simply} just need. The quality Dark Chrome finish drastically cuts down on sun glare and helps you to focus in on making crisp and clean contact. These wedges unit bounce optimized so as that you just never got to be compelled to stress regarding the leading-edge not being where it should be for the type a shot you’re trying to hit. whether or not or not you want sure-fire flop shots, bump and runs, or traditional pitch and roles, this wedge permits you to do to to one thing. solid from 1020 steel, this wedge provides variety of the softest feel on the market recently. skilled golfers like Phil Mickelson used responsible wedges like this to perform at the best of their game. This Callaway club choices a, “Blended C-Grind®,” that helps the clubface grab onto the sports equipment and increase the spin rate. The Callaway solid wedge is nothing wanting associate american classic, it's sensible for the foremost serious of players. more info :

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