What will become of your legacy
Starving masses full of your holy disease
Give up for the kingdom yet unseen
Give up your here and now for what may never be
You’ll never see
Sins of the father fault of a god that made it so
We are the children you let go Isn’t everyone here sick to death of crimes passed down lie after lie
Bowing down like slaves to be saved from on high
Why be sheep when we can rise
We are free we are wild
This is the anthem of our hearts desire
Took so long to see the truth
Of all the pain and sorrow that leaves you unmoved Set us all up and blamed us well
Gave us temptation and then damned us to hell
You know very well
With hearts aflame and wisdom engaged
We are alive we are already saved
With no masters no gods we are called to no one
Free unafraid of an unfeeling father that raises his children to throw them away
Supplicant fools with their eyes on the grave.

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