Miles of Grace

Le Visionnaire


Will I be remembered
When the dust falls
To reach my face and make it covered in it
Will there be my kindred among the ghosts
To mourn and shave the last remnants of my humanity
That got my mind burned from the depths
In a desperate hope that I could change everything
I am not a nice person and I don't want to be

A coward who lets himself be engulfed in that hole
Engulfed in that threnody
I'll be the one you will speak to in whispers, trying no matter what to recall his face
Counting the shades that I left on your walls
Digging the earth to fulfill your dreams finding my bones
Setting them on fire and asking through the smoke
- What's your name?
- Failure

Again all hopes lying forcing me to cure
What a controversy to find myself secure
Here's the ENTP coming up to you

I've always been amazed how all of this could work
How some minimal things could bring hate, love, consumption
Impracticality is a blight for my place
I never chose a side, you always were the one who did

Thirty years drowned among these foreigner beacons
Where every second that spills I see months collapse
I already forgot myself, how long will it take for you?
Years on a scale, tell me, what the hell will it change?

Let me be unlearnt

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