Ambient Vale

Enchantment Of Knowledge


Nothing to do, but sit here
Wallow in my misery
I have so many questions
That need so many answers
Do some even have an answer?

It’s trickling down your spine
Come here, so I can say goodbye
These tears weren’t meant to be here
But you always make me feel this way
I wanna know the truth
And only the truth
Don’t fill my head with all your lies
I need to know the truth
And only the truth
I won’t listen to anymore of your lies

And that’s how it is
I’m always forced to swallow all this
All these lies, they’re feeding us fallacies
They’re stealing our empathy

Is it so hard
To make my day?
Why can’t you see me?
Am I so invisible to you?
But you just ignore me
Tell me the truth
Say what you think about me
And I’ll tell you what I think about you

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