Tizzy Al

Around the world


First part( HVTT)
(pre chorus)
Stars in the sky that's all me
It's ain't just making cash
U know what i mean
They pull up all them deuces on me
Baby let me hear u holla

We go around the world(world world) 4X
They see us rising they 're just feelin' it
Now we're going from the bottom
See us Ris.I.N.G
Mic checking every section
We're just killin' it
Tune ur radios i'm on air
They keep calling me
I know u loved i'm concerned
We turn that money into mellow
We convert it
Gimme a mic before u kill me
Pull up pull up
Doesn't matter if u're skinny
What's on ur mind baby tell me
Ain't got much cuz all these ladies wanna taste me
Can't compromise it's like prophetic
Can't compromise....

(pre chorus)

We go round the world (world world) 4X

Part 2 (Tizzy Al)

1,2,3 go
I'm just about to speak my mind
4,5,6 ho
I think y'all niggas need to grind
Talents on talents
More advice from parents
We all need to enhance
& bring in some real change
Hola hola , voilà ,voilà
My talented guys
Where the fuck u're at
We've been around the world
Lookin' for the best 2X
People havin' doubt
U can try to test
Ain't no need to stop it
Ain't no need to stop it
Practice makes man perfect
U just have my word
Winners never give up
We just need to wake up
Wake up & just rise up
Rise up to get freedom
We've been around the world 2X
People havin' doubt
U can try to test
Ain't no need to stop it 2X
People havin' doubt
U can try to test
"surround yourself with those who can lift u higher, u can try to test man, but nothing succeeds like success"
Tizzy the best bang ...............

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About "Around the world"

the song was supposed to be the soundtrack of a tv show in tuscany (italy) . It’s all about feeling ourselves and talents around the world .
There are many talents in the world that we ignore ,it’s high time we took them into consideration

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