You got shit going for you baby
Get your check up

I love your style the type to hold a nigga head up

The type to motivate me just to get my bread up

You coming wit me baby i pray that we next up (2x)

I bet i treat you better
Bet i could get you wetter

Won't find no other never

Just us we stick together

You got me hoes don't need those

Just be my loyal freak tho

Bend it over girl just touch your toes

What we doing nobody got to know

What you doing what you doooooinnng

I love the way you moving

So wet i'm going stupid

Sit back like we cruising

No hesitation to it

She let me get into it
Plus this bitch raw as fuck

She know ever word to my music

She call me in the morning

"say baby boy i'm horny"

You know that i was on it

Put in work she can't stop moaning

Low key and she groovy

She doing what she doing

Might take her to the movies

Her mind screaming do me

Her heart i'm gone pursue it

She want me yea i knew it

I can tell by her movement
I can tell by her rudeness

But these other niggas they can't get to it

Because they don't know what to do with it

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