Ambient Vale

The Tree Of 77 Fruits


Do you ever feel so helpless?
And no one hears you cry
Have you ever tried to hold on so tight
You begin to lose your grip
Cause I know it’s hard to stay connected, in reality
Cause everything you know, falls apart
And you don’t know what to do
When everything around you disappears
And you’re there, all alone
No one cares
But what if I told you
That there was a way out
You just have to listen
Listen, like I’ve been telling you
I’ve always said there’s a way out
But you’ve always turned your back
So maybe you shouldn’t blame me for something that isn’t my fault

I’m holding on so tight tonight
Hanging on the branches
Of a tree deeply rooted in life and belief
The vines won’t let me hit the floor
But they’ll let me hang low
Closer, but never too close

All my fears and insecurities
Would surely fade away
If only you just understood
What you meant to me
But you faced me with your back
You never cared about me in the first place

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