[Verse 1]
I believe that everyone should be treated equally
I believe in God even if he doesn't believe in me
I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect
And not to act like I'm something better 'cause I rap
I believe to show love and support to people and not to hate
I believe 'what goes around comes around' I believe in fate
So be careful what you do before you make any mistakes
I believe in hope even if it sometimes comes too late
I believe we're all the same no matter from where we're all equal
I believe in peace and freedom I believe in good people
All I'm saying is Give Peace A Chance, John Lennon, The Beatles
I believe one day I'll be free and be able to fly like an eagle
This is for the men that don't play and do everything they can
Work 8 hours a day just to support their fam
Mad respect to all moms at home raising their kids
On their own alone, homie, must be some crazy shit
I believe that Pac and Biggie are chillin' in paradise
With a bottle of Hennessy and a pair of dice
(Yeah homie, I believe in good people even if their hard to find
Real talk, nah mean)

I believe, I believe, I believe (x8)

[Verse 2]
I don't believe in religions that claim to guide us
I don't believe in racism that the state creates to divide us
I don't wanna believe that people die 'cause the rich are too greedy
Driving Lamborghinis but can't give to the needy
'Cause you don't have enough? Let me ask you something funny
Dead presidents please tell me who created all this money?
And now tell me why do people still have to stay hungry?
Selling guns from the shelf do we can gang bang and shit
Throw our future away, hang at the corner store slangin' shit
'Til we get busted from the popo sent to jail
Doing you a favour 'cause you waiting for a G to fail
That's why I don't believe in the system fuck that shit
I don't believe in society y'all can suck my dick
It's Slick Nick and I'm ready to fight society fuck the law and fuck your propriety give me notoriety
I don't believe in church I don't believe in the State
I don't respect people who don't share what's on their plate
I don't respect people who think their better than others
But as soon as shit hits the fan they run back to their mothers
Talk behind your back but then they act like they're yo brothers
I don't respect people that are greedy and don't give
Don't wanna believe that some live to eat while others eat to live
But still I know that it exists

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