Ben Brode

Un’Goro: The Journey


[Verse 1]
Hey there don't be scared, my name is Ben Brode
I read a thread on Reddit and it said that I should sing an ode
Because our cinematic didn't have a song
Nothing to bump your head to, nothing to sing along
Well I don’t know - I don’t think that was wrong
But I went home anyway and wrote this song
Un'Goro Crater, it's comin' sooner than later
Elise is not gon’ wait, her scouts are aimin' for haters
This land is dangerous, how can I explain this
Let me just say it's not famous for being painless
Even the plants won't give you half a chance
Pick up the wrong flower - oops there goes your hands
And that's not all, the Elementals are calling
And if you put 'em all in, you gon' be ballin'
I see you look at it, don't be afraid of it
If Magma Rager's your favorite it's time to savor it
Yo yo yo the Junior Explorers head into the forest mapping it for us
Look out! Dinosaurs about! Everybody shouts as we head into the chorus
Journey to Un'Goro!
(How did you convince me to do this)
Journey to Un'Goro!

[Verse 2]
If I just had one request, one thing you'd do at my behest Honestly I think it'd be the best
If you would take a look at the Legendary Quests
They cost 1 mana and they start in your hand
And they enter play when you slam 'em
But be careful and plan 'em, because
The rewards are huge
But only if your deck has a certain point of view
A thing you're tryin' to do
If you build it wrong, you take too long
You never get your questin' on
But that's fine this set has a lot more
That's right it's got a ton of dinosaurs!
But these ain't your normal dinos something is cracked
Energy from around the crater's causing them to adapt
You want flaming claws? Poisonous Maws?
Shrouding Mist? Or Lightning Fists?
Doesn't matter soon you'll be splattered on the ground Dinosaurs ain't happy 'bout newcomers in town

Journey to Un'Goro!
(Ok this was a mistake)
Journey to Un'Goro!
(I’m going to turn this off before I get fired)

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About "Un’Goro: The Journey"

Written and performed by the game director for Hearthstone by Blizzard, Ben Brode.

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