I just can't open it
My nails get cold every time I think about doing it
The pages of the future. The ones of the past
Back in time, never going onward

You were the one, my choking
The one who swam into the floods
And there it happened
The one I dreamt of
Somewhen I secretly hoped for the mist not to reach over
Yet it did
And I end up here
Walking away again
Saving myself

How could I keep swimming in your ocean
The dark parts of it burning up my skin?
I felt the tentacles around my ankles
Mine were not broken as my brains
Teased by the flesh, the tail but the scales
How long will my rib cage have to shiver?
Teased by your whole, your lips above
Fair's not fair, and your crown is thrilled

I'm so scared
I am so scared to see my own reflection in you
Maybe you were right, you deserved another couple of shots
But my torch is off, and my lighter's out
Maybe you were right

And I end up here
Walking away again

Whole forsaken but not drowned

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