[Verse 1]
Well I try to close my eyes
Clear my mind
Just listen to the wildflowers grow
Such whispers on the breeze
It don't come easy now
Over all this noise

Spent my youth among the pine
They used to sing a tune so fine
And the wind moved like an echo
Carryin' their voices
[Verse 2]
And I saw it in a dream
Monuments to trees
As the air we breathe turned our lungs to dust
And the redwoods so tall
And all their awe
Began to rust

With no bend and sway at all
That ancient dance is lost
And the wind moved like an echo
With a sigh in every gust

[Verse 3]
Well some day I hope to find
That land of honey wine
Where the coffee grows on the white oak trees
And those sugar coated mountains
In the spring begin to melt into
Sweetest streams

Where each night the starlight and the sea
Together form eternity
And the wind moves like an echo
As the world drops off to sleep

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